Free delivery for items R 700 and above irrespective of the location

Trade and Delivery

Trading Terms

As a result of COVID19 and the need to keep our staff and yourselves safe by implementing social distancing in line with the government provisions. We will not be able to offer direct marketing to our customers.

Instead, we will update our website daily with details about new products, new catalogs, monthly offers, sales, and other relevant information as provided by our suppliers.

Our customers are welcome to browse, select, and place their orders for the accessories they wish to buy. Once the availability of the product/s has been confirmed and payment made by the customer, our supplier will ship the product directly to the customer to limit the exposure of the products before reaching the customer.

Accessories available for immediate purchase will be listed as available and customers will be prompted to make payment immediately.


Accessories will be delivered between 5 – 7 days from the date of payment to customers in Gauteng. Customers outside Gauteng might receive their delivery a few days later.

The cost of delivery will be calculated based on the delivery address indicated by the customer.

Free delivery for items R 700 and above irrespective of the location.


Questions about the Trade and Delivery should be sent to us at

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